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Life in Halls

Staying cool in the summer

By SanctuarySocial 18 May 2023

Beat the dreaded hall's heat with these tips.

Summer is coming and with it, we'll see temperatures rise to potentially uncomfortable levels. So instead of sweating over it, check out these heat hacks and feel cool in the coming months.

The ice fan combo

Take two classic ways to cool yourself down (an electric fan and some frozen water goodness) and combine them to form the ultimate cooling experience. If you don't have some sort of fan already, it's a worthy investment (as our summers get hotter and hotter... ) and you can get them for pretty cheap online. Then all you have to do is freeze some water in say a plastic bottle and stick it in front of your fan. The ice will cool the air that is getting blown around the room. Easy! 

Stay hydrated (and creamed)

It may seem obvious but water is your biggest ally during the heat! Indoors or outdoors, make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking water consistently throughout the day. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and if you're outside, make sure to protect your skin with at least factor 30 sun cream. Even when it's cloudy or you're inside, the sun can catch you off guard so make sure to stay as wet as possible.

Keep the sun out

If you feel your accommodation is turning into an oven then a simple solution is blocking out the sunlight coming in through the windows. Yes, it may be a lovely summer's day so it would suck to be rid of that lovely sun shining in, but unfortunately, that lovely sunshine is also heating up your house. So close those curtains, specifically between 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (when the sun is usually the strongest) to keep the temperature as low as possible. You can always crack them back open later on when it's not as sunny.

Socks in the freezer (no really)

A weird one to end with but was a big trend last year during the heat waves. If you stick your socks in the freezer overnight, you can cool down your body temperature throughout the day just by slipping on those cold bad boys. It may be a weird sensation at first but you can't deny the results.

So with these tips, your summer will be as cool as a cucumber. What are your heat hacks? Share with us @sancstudents