Spring Competition - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Posted 1 month ago

So fresh, so clean, so green!

We're delighted to announce the winner of our Spring Competition is 🥁🥁🥁

Prachi Chougule, who lives in Dundee!

Prachi has some fantastic plans for the incoming warmer weather and also some brilliant tips for others to make the most of Spring.

Describe your Spring plans

"As I'm already keeping everything in my room very clean and tidy, I'm planning for spring GREEN'ing. I'm planning to take advantage of longer daylight and open curtains and blinds to let natural light flood my room. Giving windows a spring clean which can allow more light in and replacing light bulbs, when the evening rolls in, it can help to save energy.

I'm already adjusting my thermostat to reduce heating when unnecessary. I'm gonna try to incorporate sustainable practices for my daily life. I'll try to only buy eco-friendly products."

What are your top tips for Spring?

"Spring is sign of rebirth and renewal. Try to go for vegan food as much as possible. Go for in-person shopping instead of online shopping (at least whenever possible) .Eat-drink, fresh-natural food and drinks instead of processed-canned products. Plant trees as much as possible. Don't waste water and electrical energy also use all energies and natural resources carefully. Don't kill the animals for filling your stomach we have so many vegan food options to eat. Animals are also part of this environment; they also have the right to live their life.

Save water, save animals, plant trees, go green, use eco-friendly products save energy and natural resources."

Congratulations Prachi! We hope you enjoy your £50 e-voucher! 


The original competition information is below:

Spring hits the UK on the 20th of March, and this is the perfect time for a FRESH start! The days are slowly getting longer, you'll likely have some time off (spring break woop woop) and you'll be making plans for the remainder of your time at uni... and we want to know them!

So how will you be kicking off your Spring? Will you be:

  • Spring BREAK'ing: Treating yourself to a little getaway? Are you dedicating time to fun, new experiences? Or just having a bit of relaxing me time?
  • Spring CLEAN'ing: Got your mop and bucket at the ready? Having a big clear-out/declutter session? Donating the stuff you don't wear anymore?
  • Spring GREEN'ing: Doing your part for the planet? Are you trying out new ways to save energy/resources? Cutting back on unnecessary waste?

However you choose to spend your time, you have the chance to win a £50 eVoucher just by sharing your story with us!

All you have to do is fill out the form below by Sunday 31 March and you will be entered into the competition. A winner will be picked out at random early April, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Enter now:

Best of luck!