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two photos of buildings and chairs in a lecture theatre

Your City

A day in the life of a Manchester student living at Sanctuary Students

By Saurav 19 May 2023

Here is my usual day-to-day routine, this can change here and there if I'm going to be hanging out with friends or don't have any lectures but this is usually how my day looks.

Luckily I live close to my uni so the walk to my lectures isn't too long, and on a sunny day is quite enjoyable.

  1. waking up in bed 
  2. opening blinds 
  3. walking to uni 
  4. going for lectures 
  5. getting lunch from co op 
  6. studying in uni 
  7. food shopping
  8. walking back home 
  9. microwaving leftovers for dinner 
  10. watching netflix

How do you spend your day as a student?

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Saurav Hi, I'm Saurav! A 3rd year Computer Science student studying at the University of Manchester. I'm usually either playing badminton, catching up on lectures, or binging Netflix.
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