World Bee Day x No Mow May

Posted 3 weeks ago

Buzzing for the environment

World Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20th to acknowledge and appreciate the crucial role bees play in pollinating plants, which is vital for food production and maintaining healthy ecosystems. It's a day to raise awareness about the threats these invaluable insects face, such as habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides.

"No Mow May" is a simple yet impactful initiative that encourages people to put away their lawnmowers during May. The idea is to let grasses and wildflowers grow unchecked for a month, providing more food and shelter for bees and other pollinators. This can be especially beneficial early in the season when bees are emerging and floral resources can be scarce.

Both World Bee Day and No Mow May highlight the importance of taking small, practical steps at home to support our pollinating pals who play a big part in the natural beauty and health of our planet.

Here are Sanctuary, we are doing our part and you can find out more by heading to your reception!