Bath day trip

Posted 3 months ago

Explore your way around the beautiful city of Bath!

We visited Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent, the Prior Park Landscape Garden and Great Pulteney Street. It was an amazing experience we'd recommend it to everyone! Check out the compilation below and find out more about the places we visited.

Bath Abbey

What a gorgeous active church, take in the architecture and the peaceful vibes. Located in the heart of the city, very easy to get to! Make sure to check the opening times as the abbey could be closed for services on the weekends.

The Royal Crescent

One of Bath's most iconic landmarks, a huge strip of Georgian buildings surrounding a lawn (in a crescent shape hence the name). Definitely a good spot for a photo or two as it's a location usually used for the filming of period dramas.

Prior Park Landscape Garden

A scenic walk with lots of little hidden paths and secret views if you explore hard enough. See if you can find the famous bridge and enjoy a nice hot drink at the tea shed!

Great Pulteney Street

Another filming hot spot (Les Misérables and The Duchess filmed here!), the biggest street in Bath with more gorgeous buildings to snap! You'll find stuff to do at both ends of the street, Laura Place fountain, the Holburne Museum and much more!

Outro So what will you do first on your trip to Bath? Make sure to take plenty of photos and share them with @sancstudents.