Top study tips to smash your exams

Posted 1 month ago

Courtesy of Ciera!

Exam season is here and I've got my best study tips to help you nail your coursework and exams!

Be picky and point out anything that you think someone could potentially pull you up on when looking through your work. Is it repetitive? Lacks flow? Limited vocab? Weak case study? After doing this go back and edit these points in your work. This works as a beneficial method of editing and constructive criticism.

  1. Go over your work with the eyes of a marker
  2. Set timers to work in short bursts when you lack motivation
  3. Tidy up your space if studying from home
  4. Prioritise the work that's due first
  5. Write a list of deadlines for your pinboard
  6. Don't purely use your computer -- switch up your study methods
  7. Take breaks for a drink, snack, and stretch (open your window if staying inside!)
  8. Ask about anything that you don't understand