Mental health awareness week: self-care routines

Posted 1 month ago

Make your own mental health a priority!

Mental Health Awareness Week in 2024 is taking place from May 13 to May 19. The theme for this year is "Movement", so the focus is on how physical activities can be a great way to improve your mental health! No activity in particular, its whatever you feel is best for you and fits within your routine. 

Speaking of routines, everyone should have a self-care routine (such as the one in Yumi's video) that they are able to do most days to help them get through any stressful or mentally taxing situations. Here are a few suggestions of things that can be a part of your self-care routine:

1. Mindful breathing

Start or end your day with a few minutes of mindful breathing. This practice involves focusing on your breath and the sensation of air entering and exiting your body. It can help calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve concentration.

2. Walking/exploring

Incorporate walking into your daily routine. It's a low-impact exercise that doesn't require special equipment or intense effort. A daily 30-minute walk can significantly boost your mood, increase energy levels, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Plus you can use it as a chance to explore the new areas around you!

3. Healthy snack

Feed your body with nutritious foods that support brain health. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains are all good snacking options. You should also try to stay hydrated by having water breaks in your routine.

4. Journaling

Keep a journal to express your thoughts and feelings. This can help manage anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression. Spend a few minutes each day writing down what you're grateful for, what's troubling you... or just something funny that happened that day!

6. Digital detox

Set aside time each day to disconnect from digital devices. Constant social media can lead to information overload and increase stress levels. Use this time to engage in non-digital activities like reading, crafting, or simply being in nature.

7. Connect with a friend or family member

Social interactions can boost feelings of well-being and provide support during tough times. Make it a point to reach out to someone regularly, whether through a phone call, text, or preferably meeting in person if you can squeeze it in. You can even do a lot of these self-care routine options with a friend/family member!

Incorporating these simple self-care practices can make a significant difference in your mental health. Remember, the key to effective self-care is consistency, so try to integrate these activities into your normal daily routine for the best results.