What kind of flatmate are you?

Posted 8 months ago

Or what kinds of flatmates may you be living with?

Moving to a new city brings with it the joy of meeting all kinds of people from across the world. From diverse personalities and mannerisms to an array of new cuisines making their way into your kitchen and nose, settling into your student halls is bound to be a colourful experience.

Which brings us to the question: what kind of flatmate are you? Or what kinds of flatmates may you be living with?

The social butterfly 🦋

You are the one who wins the award for always having the best gossip. Since you’re meeting new people and going out many times a week, it’s hard not to have interesting or hilarious tales to share from your adventures.

You’re also the most likely to throw parties, so beware of noise complaints!

The ghost 👻

You’re the flatmate who is often in the flat yet never seen by other people. They may know you’re there, they may think that you’re always out, but you just quietly get on with your own thing, nipping in and out of the kitchen whilst others are done with their dinner.

There’s nothing wrong with this but make sure to keep plenty of snacks in your room!

The sleepy one 😴

You’re the one that is more often seen in pyjamas than anything else. Do you even know what the A.M hours are? We thought not…

The chef 🧑‍🍳

You are the one making your corridor envious as amazing smells waft under their door. You may share your food with your flatmates who will likely hold your cuisine as the highlight of their day.

Eating together in the kitchen is your favourite way to bond with others that you live with, and you’re always excited to discover new recipes from different cultures.

The messy one 🧹

Your dishes are spilling across both sinks and the amount of crumbs that come from your morning toast is actually world record worthy. If you think that this is you, try to think about how living with a messy flatmate would make you feel. Then, take action! Those dishes sadly don’t clean themselves.

Meeting new people can be daunting but oftentimes the experience is what you’re willing to make of it. Give people a chance, and if you don’t connect then that’s fine too – everyone is different.

All the best with your student journey!