Getting around London

Posted 6 months ago

Our handy guide is all you need to make it easy

Getting around London can involve many forms of transport—but the cheapest and fastest options are usually the bus or the underground.

Elika and Xinyi both live in London. Elika lives in Dinwiddy House, and Xinyi lives at Manna Ash House. 

City Mapper for the win

Our favourite app for getting around London is City Mapper, just tell it where you need to go and it will work out the best, fastest, and cheapest way to get you there. It will also include any times for busses and trains, including things like bus numbers and train platforms. Sorted! 

The first few times getting around London might be a bit tricky, but with this handy guide and by using apps like City Mapper, you'll be a public transport pro in no time!