What is Sanctuary Social?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Stay up to date with what's going on in your accommodation

What will I find on Sanctuary Social?

A bit of everything! We'll keep you updated with all the events happening in your accommodation, so you don't need to worry about getting FOMO ever again. 

A bit hopeless in the kitchen? We'll supply you with quick, easy and cost-friendly cooking hacks and recipes that'll fit around your lifestyle. 

If you've just moved 100 miles from home, overseas or lived here all your life, we will show you all the best places to go in your new city for food, shopping, days out and much more.

Navigating your way around

Essential Info covers all the basics that should make your life easier. Things like:

  • How to report a maintenance issue
  • Where to pick up your post and parcels
  • Fire safety tips

Life in Halls is all about how to make your time with Sanctuary Students more enjoyable. For example:

  • Advice on how to settle in and make friends
  • Cooking tips
  • How to get a job and earn some extra cash at uni

Support & Wellbeing focuses on how to take care of yourself at uni.

  • Managing money
  • Tips for reducing exam stress
  • Where to find mental health support

Your City gives you inside information on where you live, including:

  • Tips for transport
  • Local supermarkets
  • Green spaces near you

International Students is a whole section dedicated to settling in to life in the UK.

  • Tips for arriving in the UK from abroad
  • Getting used to UK culture
  • Where to find foods from home, in the UK

Get involved! 

You could also see YOUR articles here! 

We want our residents' voices to be heard. So we want to publish student blogs, meaning you can share your university experience with your fellow students and hear all about theirs—plus it looks great on your CV. 

Want to get involved with Sanctuary Social? Sign up for our Digital Creator programme and get yourself some Amazon vouchers.

Sanctuary Social gives you a helping hand with all the things you will want and need to know during university life—from student recipes to student blogs, articles, videos and so much more!