Unique things I love about living in the UK

Posted 2 years ago

Elika shares some of her favourite things

Coming to university is often the first time away from home for many students. Elika is originally from India and is now studying in London, living in our accommodation at Dinwiddy House.

We asked what she loves about life in the UK.

  1. The walking experience
    Pedestrian footpaths! We generally don't have the walking experience back home in India like it is here.
  2.  Pret subscriptions
    Again something that is not back home, I don't think coffee can be this inexpensive anywhere!
  3. Heaters
    I've lived at temperatures varying 20–48ºC all my life. We have always had air conditioners with minimum temperatures at 16ºC. I don’t think I knew how to work a heater before living in the UK!
  4. Bus rides on double decker buses
    We used to have two tier buses when I was really young, and soon they disappeared from the transport system. Here the double decker buses with the front 180 degree panel window is really cool!