Quick wins for your exams

Posted 1 month ago

Take these easy steps on your way to exam glory!

Sometimes the solution to your problem is the simplest one. It's easy to let the exam period get out of hand and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. So here are a few simple tips and tricks to make your exam time run as smoothly as possible.

Take a walk

Don't neglect Mother Nature and get some fresh air on a stroll. A little walk every day is not just good for exercise, it can also help clear the mind and give you some time to think things through. It doesn't have to be a long one either, you could use it as a 10-minute break from your studies and just head to your local shop to pick up some essentials. If you feel a bit overwhelmed then it's definitely worth giving a go and can easily fit into your daily routine.

Sometimes it can feel like you're not making any progress or the sheer amount of tasks at hand is just a bit too daunting. For instance, you might have a dozen topics you need to revise and make notes for. What you need to do in this situation is break down the work you need to do into bite-sized chunks. Create a basic to-do list which is ordered based on what you need to prioritise. After you complete each task, tick it off and you can feel great about it each time! It never gets old seeing a visual representation of you progressing towards completion. 

Time management is essential for a smooth exam period. We can be our own worst enemies at times by not leaving enough time to do something or get somewhere. So instead of adding stress into your own life, aim to always be early. This mantra can apply to many things but it basically boils down to planning ahead so you stay one step ahead. For example, if you need to get a train, don't plan to arrive just as the train is departing - plan to arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand, then if you are delayed for any reason you won't be stressed because you've given yourself breathing room.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and you can form the perfect team through your coursemates and flatmates. Remember you're not the only one studying and going through the exam period, so why not join up to make things that little bit easier? You could come together for group study, share any concerns to come up with solutions or just spend time with each other to ease the pain.

What links up really well with the point above is communication. Don't neglect your social needs during the exam period, if anything you should be making an effort to do more! Give that friend or family member you've been meaning to contact a call (it's usually better to talk face to face if you can, or at the very least over the phone). You'd be surprised at how good it can make you feel hearing a friendly voice and you can fit this into your schedule, no problem.