Moving out guide

Posted 4 weeks ago

Read before you leave!

We're closing in on the end of the final semester for most students, which means a lot of you will soon be leaving us (don't cry or I'll cry 😭). Instead of leaving it to the last minute, be in the know and read through the key information below:

Moving out dates

Alliance House

Coopers Court

Craft Building

Denmark Road

Dinwiddy House

Don Gratton House

Grafton Street

Great Wilkins Hall

Grenville Street South

Lilian Knowles House

Manna Ash House


Moor Lane Halls & Walker St

Paul Robeson House

The Ridings


Wardley House

Dundee - Seabraes

Dundee  - West Park

Dundee - Belmont and Heathfield




Checking out: your step-by-step guide

Here's what you need to do:

  • Read the guidance in this email.
  • Make sure your room and the communal areas are cleaned.
  • Ensure that all rubbish is removed and placed in the communal bins.
  • Make sure to drop any unwanted clothing or kitchenware at the BHF point, unopened and in-date cupboard items such as tins etc can be donated to our food banks at reception.
  • Discuss any damages to your bedroom or communal areas with reception.
  • When you move out, take all belongings from your room. You may be charged for the removal of any items left in your room.
  • Put your keys into the envelope provided, complete your details on the front and leave this at reception. 

After you have moved out, we will:

  • Check your room for cleaning and repairs. We will send a summary of any charges to the address written on your check-out envelope within 10 days.
  • You can pay any charges by calling us on 0300 123 5050 or by logging into the My Transaction area of the Sanctuary Students booking system.
  • For more information on what happens after you have left, you can visit our FAQs.

Shared charges

It is our policy to divide any cleaning, repair and redecoration charges for shared flat/kitchen areas equally among all students in the flat, unless the person responsible comes forward.

Leave all areas of your flat in a clean and tenantable condition. Even if you are the first person to leave, you will be charged according to the condition of the flat at the time of inspection. 

clean and dirty rooms

Recycle or donate your old items

  1. Identify - Start by going through everything and deciding what you're packing away and what needs to go. What is vital and what can go will be different for each person but make sure to be tough on yourself. Ask how much you really use something, could it go to a home/someone who would appreciate it more? This could be clothes, hardware, furniture, decorations, etc.
  2. Recycle/Remove - Once your go pile is complete, it's time to dispose of anything which can't be donated (food, damaged, broken, etc). Doing this first will free up space for moving out. Try to recycle as much as possible, a lot of items will be labelled with how to do this appropriately but if not, you can always check the UK's recycling website for help.
  3. Donate - So once you have the items you can donate, you will need to decide on where to do the donating. There are charity shops all over the place, especially in cities and town centres. Each charity shop usually represents and contributes to a specific cause. For example, donating to the British Heart Foundation will help raise money for research into heart and circulatory disease. Each organisation has different methods and processes for donating so always check their website first. You don't want to find out the cat shelter charity won't accept your old bedside table after you've dragged it all the way down to the store.

If you have any queries after your checkout, please call us on 0300 123 5050.

Thanks for staying with us!