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International Students

Top tips to help you settle in

By SanctuarySocial 29 Jun 2022

If you've just arrived in the UK, this is for you

Settling in to university life can be a challenge, especially if you're coming from a different country and living away from your family for the first time.

However, there's lots you can do to help feel more prepared and make yourself feel at home. 

To find out more, we spoke to international student Elika. She lives at Dinwiddy House in London.

Here's Elika's top three tips to help international students settle in to life in the UK.

If you are having difficulties settling in to university life, don't worry. It's completely normal and there's lots of support on offer.

It’s important you don’t suffer in silence—talk it through with someone. Whether it’s a friend, family member, your GP or university lecturer, sharing your feelings will help.

There are plenty of avenues of support you can turn to, including our Student Advice Line from our partners at Health Assured. Your health is our priority and that’s why we offer professional support to help you with any problems you may face from stress and depression to financial issues and coping. The phone line is open day and night, 365 days a year and everything you discuss is kept confidential so there’s nothing to worry about.

Call the freephone number on 0800 030 5182

We are here as often as you need us for as long as you like.