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Staying safe in your accommodation

By SanctuarySocial 23 Sep 2022

Knowing just a little bit about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire could potentially save your life

We take your safety very seriously and want you to enjoy a safe environment when you live with us. Watch our fire safety video for some useful information about fire safety in your new student home.

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Stay safe from fire

Your building, your flat and your bedroom are protected by a fire and smoke alarm system.

Follow the following guidelines to reduce the risk of fires happening:

  1. Never burn candles, oil burners or joss sticks – these are dangerous and are banned from our accommodation.
  2. Never cover your room heater with anything.
  3. Do not leave cooking unattended and switch off appliances after use.
  4. Don’t cook using a dirty grill pan or hob.
  5. Don’t put anything metallic in the microwave.
  6. Don’t cook when tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Don’t prop fire doors open.
  8. Don’t leave fairy lights switched on and unattended.
  9. Don’t us chip pans and barbecues - they are banned from our accommodation
  10. Only use thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers.

Safety equipment

Fire-fighting equipment exists for your safety. Misusing fire-fighting equipment (including fire blankets and extinguishers) will jeopardise your tenancy and the lives of you and your neighbours. Any interference with equipment may incur penalties against either you or your flatmates, and may lead to criminal prosecution.

Smoke and heat detectors

Don’t tamper with detectors or cover them – they could save your life.

Avoid false alarms!

To avoid unnecessary fire service call outs and evacuations:

  • Do not tamper with detectors – this may activate the alarm
  • When showering, ensure the ventilation fan is running and your bathroom door is closed
  • Use a steam iron, hair straighteners or dryers and aerosols away from fire detectors
  • Ensure extractor fans are running, windows are open and the kitchen door is closed when cooking

Fire drills

The fire alarms are tested in each property every week. Fire drills are a legal requirement and are held throughout the year. The fire evacuation procedure is different at each property so familiarise yourself with the fire action notices, evacuation routes and assembly point of your site.  

On discovering a fire:

  1. Sound the fire alarm
  2. Get out of the building
  3. Call the fire brigade on 999
  4. Let a member of our team know

On hearing the alarm:

  1. Get out of the building
  2. Close doors behind you
  3. Don’t use lifts
  4. Don’t rush or push
  5. Meet at the assembly point (identified on the notice on your bedroom door)
  6. Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a fire officer or member of our team says it is safe to do so

Contact us if you have any questions about our fire safety procedures.

Please inform the on-site team if any fire-fighting equipment is missing or damaged so that it can be replaced or repaired quickly.


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